Philippine Mythical Creatures - ManananggalMANANANGGAL

Description:  A manananggal is a hideous, scary, often a woman and capable of severing her upper torso. The upper part of the body can take flight using a bat-like pair of wings to search for its victims.

Alias:  Aswang

Scheme:  Manananggal often preys on sleeping, pregnant women using an elongated proboscis-like tongue to suck the hearts of foetuses. It can also transform itself to human form.

Origin:  Unknown, although the myth of the manananggal is popular in the Visayas region, especially in the western provinces of Capiz, Iloilo, and Antique.

Habitat:  Towns

Weakness:  The lower half is left standing when the upper half seeks prey. Sprinkling salt, crushed garlic or ash on the lower part of the body is fatal to the manananggals. The upper part of the body won’t be able to return to the lower part that way and will then kill it by sunrise. Tail of Stingray (Buntot-page)

Secret identity:  can be anyone among us

Nemesis:  anyone who can find the lower part of the body and sprinkle it with salt, crushed garlic or ash.

ABOUT THE ARTWORK: The image is designed to be a downloadable card that can be collected and played with against friends.  The Artwork is a digital copy of the original piece created for the Philippine Mythical Creatures art exhibition at the Philippine Pavilion during the Pistang Pilipino 2016 sa Wellington.  Credits to Alex, Samantha and Xandrix for creating the art pieces. 

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