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vol•un•teer•ism [vol-uh n-teer-zm] – the policy or practice of volunteering one’s time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one’s community. This is the virtue by which the group, New Zealand Philippine Society (NZP), live by.

about the group

Formally organized and incorporated in May 1986, the group was formed in response to the growing need of the Filipino community for a friendly group where new migrants and visitors can find support. NZP provides a sense of belonging especially to those who feels homesick.

mission and vision

NZP aims to be the support group to Filipino Migrants in Wellington. The group was formed with the following objectives in mind:

  • To promote social contact, mutual helpfulness, and recreation between persons of Filipino descent, their spouses and families
  • To provide a support base for newly arrived Filipino immigrants and visitors to New Zealand
  • To encourage closer liason between the official representative of the Filipino people and members of this Society
  • To avoid becoming involved in any political action or to allow the Society’s funds to be used for political activity
  • To provide a regular newsletter detailing Society information and any other data considered of interest to Society members
  • Quotes - nzpTo acquire and own assets that will enable the Society to operate effectively and that will benefit the members, subject, however, to the provisions of the Friendly Societies and Credit Union Act 1982
  • To invest the funds of the Society in such manner as may be allowed by law and to make disbursements and payments and otherwise support in any lawful way the interest of members and other lawful objects of the Society


Members of NZP come from a wide range of background in terms of profession and religion. Sadly, many of the incorporators had already moved on to pursue other endeavours but some had stayed to keep NZP going. New members are welcome, too, and the criteria are as follows:

  • Membership shall be open to all persons of Filipino descent, their spouses and members of their families
  • Any person who is co-habiting with a person of Filipino descent
  • Application for membership shall be either written or verbal
  • Commencement of membership shall be upon payment of membership fee to the Treasurer or, in his absence, to such other authorised officer of the Society

past, present and future projects

NZP had undertaken numerous projects in the past having been actively involved in the local and national events such as the annual reunion of the Filipinos in NZ. In the local level, NZP is actively involved in the consultation process run by other government departments including the Wellington City Council. They work in collaboration with other groups in Wellington especially in projects that aims to advance the welfare of the Filipino community in Wellington and nationwide.

contact details

The society can be reached through its Vice-President, Alice Lozano:


Phone number: (04) 977-2875

For more information, visit the group’s Official Website.

Ref. Q&A with NZP Vice President Alice Lozano; NZP website (note: the website is not updated but most of the information there are still true except of the list of officer page)

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