#SALAWIKAIN: “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa”

“God gives mercy to those who help themselves.”

Praying helps as we believe that God can make miracles, however, we can’t rely on prayers alone. To get what you want, some effort should be exerted. Hard work and perseverance would guarantee output, as miracles happen to those who seek it.

The cartoon shows of a friend who is dreaming of working abroad but only relies on prayers. This cartoon shows how foolish it is to rely on miracles yet she did not even did her part, that is, sending job applications.

Elders often utter these words as an advise to people who seeks miracles but are too lazy to do anything. This salawikain is also used to remind those in despair that if he works hard enough, God will grant him grace and provide for his needs.

The main virtue being taught by this salawikain is “perseverance” – that in order to achieve a certain goal or dream, we should not only pray to God for grace and guidance, we should also put in the hours, sweat, effort, etc.

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