10 October, 1907


The new opium law, Act No. 1761, was passed by the Philippine Commission and became effective on October 17, 1907. The law was enacted for purpose of the gradual suppression of the opium evil, and prohibiting of the importation and use of opium, and the use of cocaine, except for medicinal purposes on and after March 1, 1908.

The repealed old law, Act No. 1461, is entitled, “An act for the purpose of restricting the sale and suppressing the evil resulting from the sale and use of opium until March 1, 1908, when its importation or use for any but medicinal purposes is forbidden by act of Congress”. At the time the new law became effective, there had been 12,668 registered habitual users of opium in country.

(Ref: Philippines News Agency, War Department Annual Report, 1908)

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