New Zealand Daylight Saving Time

New Zealand Daylight Saving Time

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“spring forward, fall back…”

New Zealand daylight savings starts at 2:00am on the last Sunday of September, where 2:00am becomes 3:00 (“spring forward”).

It ends at 3:00am on the first Sunday of April, where 3:00am becomes 2:00am (“fall back”).

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New Zealand Daylight Saving Dates (notes)


end date

start date

2016 3 April 25 September
2017 2 April 24 September
2018 1 April 30 September
2019 7 April 29 September

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The dates above are calculated based on the New Zealand Daylight Time Order 2007 (issued in Wellington on 2nd July 2007), and are accurate at the time of writing.  We will endeavor to update this article nearer to the time, should there be any changes.

(Ref: Department of Internal Affairs)

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